Production Certification
Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date --- Expired Date Verified
UL UL UL NGWL-30W12S, NGWL-60W12S, NGWL-80W14S, NGWL-100W14S, NGWL-120W14S, NGWL-160W14S, NGWL-200W14S, NGWL-250W16S. 2015-10-04 ~
UL UL UL NG-IHB-100WX, NG-IHB-150WX, NG-IHB-240WX, NG-IHB-320WX, NG-SB-100W, NG-SB- 150W, NG-SB-240W, NG-SB-320W 2018-05-29 ~
ETL ETL UL NGRK-100W, NGRK-120W, NGRK-150W, NGRK-200W, NGRK-240W 2016-12-15 ~
UL UL UL NGRHB-60W, NGRHB-80W, NGRHB-100W, NGRHB-120W. 2017-05-10 ~
UL UL UL NG-CL-600W, NG-CL-800W 2019-04-23 ~
UL UL UL NG-UFO-100W, NG-UFO-150W, NG-UFO-200W, NG-UFO-240W, NG-UFO-100WH, NG-UFO-150WH, NGUFO-200WH, NG-UFO-240WH 2019-04-23 ~
ETL ETL UL NG-TWL-125W, NG-TWL-99W 2019-01-10 ~
ETL ETL UL NG-WP-60W, NG-WP-80W, NG-WP-100W, NG-WP-120W, NG-FL-200W, NG-FL-240W, NG-FL-300W, NG-PTA-60W, NG-PTA-80W, NG-PTA-100W, NG-PTA-150W 2019-01-08 ~
UL UL UL NG-RCL-27W, NG-RCL-36W, NG-RCL-45W, NG-RCL-54W, NG-RCL- 80W, NG-RCL-100W, NG-RCL-125W 2018-06-03 ~
CE CE Standard-Tech CO., Ltd. NG-SB-100WH,NG-SB-300W,NG-SB-240W,NG-SB-150W,NG-SB-100W 2019-04-22 ~
CE CE CTI WL60W12S,WL50W12S,WL40W12S,WL30W12S,WL20W12S 2014-07-08 ~

Research & Development

There is/are 5 - 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

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